Wolf-Ruprecht "Rupi" Schwarzburger is a bass player. He is a specialist in jazz, funk, blues, R&B. He works in various bands, as well as a freelancer at recording sessions, on live concerts and tours.

Born in Gelsenkirchen in 1956, he grew up in a family of musicians. Making music has always been part of his everyday life. He switched from the violin to the double bass and later to the Fender Bass.

From the end of the 1970s after extensive studies everything went very quickly:
at Streetmark he met Wolfgang Riechmann who immediately booked him into his live band. Christof Spendel invited him to his Latin Circus, Jack Robichaud hired him for his rock'n roll band The Cigarettes.

At that time there was still a lot of work to be done in the studios: commercials, film music and recordings were still recorded "by hand" by musicians. Rupi recorded bass tracks for various producers, bands and artists. Jennifer Rush, Terence Trent d'Arby and Bläck Föös may still be known to some.

There were in the 80s band projects like the legendary Eddie McGrogan Band from Münster/Germany or the Lost Gringos of the Düsseldorf avant-garde label ATATAK.

He also worked as a producer, Composer and arranger for numerous record projects, for advertising and film music for various large advertising agencies as well as for the Rudas Studios in Düsseldorf.

From 1990 on Rupi played for Ergün Aktoprak and his band SES. The Turkish-oriented world music he gave the heavy funk groove.

There were also engagements with some major acts such as God's Favorite Dog, Fresh Family, Weather Girls, Richard Page (Mr Mister, Pages) etc and with artists such as Gregory Gaynair's Cape Coast Syndicate, Christina Lux, Muzaffer Gürenç, John C. Marshall, Blumio or Tyree Glenn Jr just to name a few, on countless recordings, tours and concerts.

In addition, work was offered in popular musical shows such as Starlight Express, Jesus Christ Superstar , Joseph, Rocky Horror Show, Saturday Night Fever etc.

In 1999 he recorded his much-noticed solo debut "Die Sonne". It was released in 2000 by monoeins records.

In 2001 Tony Brown made the popular remix "Die Sonne@T.H.O.R.Music" for Unique Records.

In 2002 he became a member of the Dortmund street hip hop project KONTRA, led by Jochen Schrumpf with concerts and workshop tours throughout Europe.

From 2003 the double bass was used again. This opened up new musical worlds: in jazz, Latin or classical. But the double bass can also be used in the R & B.

From 2012 he played the double bass in the Turkish Chamber Orchestra under the direction of the composer and pianist Betin Güneş at various concerts and classical music festivals.

From 2016 he was heard by various artists, including Markus Wienstroer's U60 , Ergün Aktopraks Tan, Axel Heilheckers Blues Turn Red.

In 2019 the reissue of the album "Die Sonne" was released on JazzSick Records / Membrane.

"Das Konzert Album" followed in 2021 - the recording of an online concert by Rupi in the Jazz Schmiede Düsseldorf on JazzSick Records.


Here are a few photos from old and new days:

Photos from the box

Rupi: Das Konzert Album

Das Konzert Album

Das Konzert Album which means "The Concert Album" is Rupi's latest release from 2021. Originally a studio album was planned with the support of a grant from the state of NRW. The studio recordings with the entire band could not be carried out due to Corona requirements. Therefore, a concert recording from 2021 from the Jazz Schmiede Düsseldorf was used. It wasn't really "live", however, because in the middle of the pandemic, the concert was only allowed to take place without an audience - a strange feeling on stage in front of an empty hall.

The recordings were reworked and remixed.
Stylistically, as always with Rupi, Das Konzert Album is difficult to classify: a fascinating musical mix of jazz, funk, urban beats, industrial, lounge - the result is club sound with an addictive factor - and with a lot of atmosphere - impressions, visions, memories of that Life in the Ruhr area in the 60s - a life caught in the rhythm of industry - normal everyday life, unsentimental and still gripping - the sounds almost psychedelic - hypnotizing beats - catchy melodies.

Das Konzert Album was released in 2021 on JazzSick Records (5151 JS).
It can be found digitally on all common platforms such as Amazon, Apple Music and on streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music.
You can buy it as a CD in the JazzSick Online Shop

Das Konzert Album - buy cd now


Das Konzert Album - Credits

Rupi Schwarzburger Rupi Schwarzburger: Bass, Fretless Bass, Upright Bass

Fares Naber

Fares Naber: Keys, Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes

Sameh Mina

Sameh Mina: Drums, Loop Programming

Reiner Witzel

Reiner Witzel: Alto Sax, Flute, Didgeridoo

Selman Sezek

Sel Sezek: Darbuka, Percussion

Yavuz Duman

Yavuz Duman: Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Production: Wolf-Ruprecht Schwarzburger
Recordings: Lars Wallat @ Jazz Schmiede, Düsseldorf
Mixing: Thomas "Topo" Freier
Mastering: Kai Blankenberg @
Cover Design: Fares Naber
Photos: Christian Steinmetz



Rupi: Die Sonne

Die Sonne

Die Sonne, which means "The Sun" is Rupi's first solo album.
He had been collecting musical ideas for a long time. After many years working as a "sideman" he had accumulated a lot of material. In 1998 he started to choose and work out songs.
He specified his musical concept and for months he developed the special effect sounds, which are rather unusual for the bass, which determine the structure and sound pattern of the songs.
Support for the recordings came from wonderful, dear friends and colleagues who helped him to implement his ideas.

The result was "Die Sonne", a concept album with its own atmosphere. It got its own style - jazz, funk, trance - in other words club sound at its best. Everything is played by hand. Each song leads to the next. The theme of the sun keeps popping up many times. The music takes everyone - on a journey with the sun around the world. It connects everything with each other - all people, continents, cultures, sounds, rhythms.
Music - the common language of people all over the world.

Die Sonne was released again on JazzSick Records (5122 JS) in 2019.
Digitaly it is available on all common platforms such as Amazon, iTunes and on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music.
You can buy it as a CD in the JazzSick Online Shop

Die Sonne - buy cd now



Rupi: Die Sonne-Team

Wolf-Ruprecht "Rupi" Schwarzburger: Bass, Fretless Bass, Bass FX, Voice
Thomas "Topo" Freier: Sound, FX, Horn Arrangements, Tenor Sax
Jürgen Dahmen: Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ
Fares Naber: Keys, FX, Fender Rhodes
Dodo N'Kishi: Drums, Vocals
Selman Sezek: Darbuka, Percussion
Valerie Kohlmetz: Percussion, Zwergendudelsäcke, FX
Andy Zingsem: Voice
Pamela Falcon: Vocals
Josef Götz Jr.: Vocals, FX

Olli Leicht: Alto Sax
Reiner Witzel: Alto Sax (Solo)
Peter Heidl: Tenor Sax, Flute
Thomas "Topo" Freier: Tenor Sax
Marcus Bartelt: Bariton Sax

Production: Wolf-Ruprecht Schwarzburger
Recording, mixing + mastering 1998/1999: Topo @ Max Stamm Studio Düsseldorf
Technical mastering: Kai Blankenberg @
Cover design: Fares Naber
Cover photo: Erwin Wenzel
Photos: Erwin Wenzel + Achim Kröpsch

Die Sonne first appeared on monoeins records in 2000.
Die Sonne @ T.H.O.R. Music was a remix by Tony Brown for Unique Records in 2001.

Here are some press comments on Die Sonne:

Die Sonne - Reviews

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